Where To Buy Seth Rogen’s Weed In Downtown Vancouver. [The Only Place To Get Houseplant in Vancouver]

Where To Buy Seth Rogen's Weed In Vancouver. [The Only Place To Get Houseplant in Vancouver]
Where To Buy Seth Rogen's Weed In Vancouver. [The Only Place To Get Houseplant in Vancouver]

Currently, as of November 2020, the only places to buy Seth Rogen’s weed in Vancouver are City Cannabis Co. dispensaries at 610 Robson St, Hobo Cannabis on Robson and Muse Cannabis on Granville near Waterfront station. See here for specific addresses.A link to their addresses on Google maps is here so that is the only way to get any Houseplant in Vancouver today.

However if you don’t mind waiting a few days the only other way to buy some is to go to the official BC Cannabis Stores website where you can buy Houseplant 3 different strains.

If you wanted to buy Seth Rogen’s Houseplant online you can get $120 ounces of premium BC Bud from Shamrock Cannabis. They even give 15% off first time orders.

If you are just looking to buy ANY weed in Vancouver right now, check out our up-to-date list here.

CHEMDAWG is Houseplant’s Sativa strain and is grown by the biggest marijuana company in the world, Canopy Growth Corporation. This is a fairly expensive strain costing $39.99 for 3.5g but the THC content is estimated at between 19-21%. This strain is described as a “high-THC strain… with a robust, earthy, spicy aroma”.

Similar to the sativa strain, Houseplant’s Indica strain is priced at $39.99 (3.5g minimum) and is called PROPRIETARY. The THC count varies more significantly with this strain, ranging from 15-25%. The CBD count is quite low with this strain at less than 1%.

Lastly the hybrid train from Houseplant is also called PROPRIETARY for some reason! The price is exactly the same but the THC count has a slightly lower range at between 10-20%.

What is Houseplant?

Houseplant is a Canadian weed company founded by Superbad creator’s and Vancouver locals Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. The company is also owned by the Canopy Growth Corporation and has been for sale in Canada since April 2019. The sell dried flower cannabis, capsules and pre-rolled joints although not all are currently available online or in store.

Note: The potencies listed above are estimates from the BC Cannabis Stores’ website.

Keep checking back on this page to find out where the latest place to buy Seth Rogen’s weed in Vancouver is.

For a full list of all dispensaries in BC that sell Houseplant, click here.

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