Where To Buy Weed In Downtown Vancouver Right Now [Updated Weekly]

How To Buy Weed In Vancouver in 2019
How To Buy Weed In Vancouver in 2019

Looking to buy weed in Downtown Vancouver? Wondering where the best dispensaries in Downtown Vancouver are? Well we’ve got you covered….

If you are new to Vancouver and looking for legal weed or just brand new to smoking weed, then the first place you’ll need to start is how to buy weed in Vancouver. Although Canada legalized weed recreationally in October, 2018 it has actually become harder and harder to buy weed in Vancouver. This is due to many of the previously unlicensed marijuana dispensaries being forced to close down. This has left Vancouver with just 3 legal marijuana dispensaries currently in operation in Downtown Vancouver. The only other way to legally buy weed in Vancouver is online and you can get $120 ounces of premium BC Bud from Shamrock Cannabis. They even give 15% off first time orders.

But if want to buy weed in Downtown Vancouver right now…

As of July 2020, there are currently only a few dispensaries operating in Downtown Vancouver. We will be keeping this list updated but we start with the most centrally located which is City Cannabis Co on Robson Street near Granville St. They stock government weed and do not require membership but is quite expensive compared to other options.

One of the newest Downtown Vancouver dispensaries is Muse Cannabis which opened its location on Granville near Pender St. It’s probably the closest dispensary to the Skytrain right now if you want to pick up some mj after a stressful day in the office. Prices are quite good to be honest. I picked up an ounce of 19% for about $150 with tax which is pretty awesome if you ask me.

For those of you the live or are near Coal Harbour, Hobo Cannabis has a location on Robson St. It’s pretty hard to miss given it’s bright yellow colours on the door and sidewalk. They sell alot of the same government deals you will see in City Cannabis and Muse. Cheaper than City Cannabis on a few of their pre-rolls.

Buy Weed In Downtown Vancouver Right Now
Buy Weed In Downtown Vancouver Right Now

UPDATE (July 2020): Due to Covid-19 The Medical Cannabis Dispensary is closed to the public BUT is open if you order on their website. For more info see here. One of the longest running legal dispensaries in Vancouver is The Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary located at 1182 Thurlow St. This dispensary used to be a members-only medical cannabis dispensary but now is open to anyone with a valid I.D. or membership. I just visited this dispensary and while there was a long line the offered a very good selection and decent prices. I purchased 3.5g of Girl Scout Cookies for $28. Also they have $5 joints for sale that are quite good. Overall this is currently the best dispensary in Downtown Vancouver.

Farm Cannabis in the Downtown EastSide (369 Columbia St) is the second place to buy weed in Vancouver and is easily the best dispensary currently in operation in Vancouver. Their staff are very nice, helpful and friendly, they have a huge variety of products and their very reasonably priced. [CLOSED: As of August 25th Farm Cannabis has been temporarily shut down pending a license from the BC government.] *** I would recommend visit Herbs R’ Us on Broadway if you’d like a similar place to Farm, with the best weed deals in Vancouver.

Note: If you want to weed weed in Vancouver all dispensaries in BC require ID to prove you are over the age of 19.

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