Buying Weed in Yaletown, Vancouver – Where is still open in 2021?

Choom Cannabis Dispensary Yaletown - Buying Weed in Yaletown
Choom Cannabis Dispensary Yaletown - Buying Weed in Yaletown

Buying weed in Yaletown used to be so simple around the time it was first properly legalized (God I miss, Weeds…) but moving on in May 2021 there are a bunch of new Yaletown dispensaries open now and a few more coming soon.

Of the current Yaletown dispensaries in 2021, Yaletown Cannabis Store (1078 Mainland St.) has been open for the longest time to my mind, since around about summer 2020. They sell all the usual legal government weed and their prices seem fair. They have those little tiny skinny joints that come in packs of 8 for around $20 (do not quote me on prices, I was a little hazey in there!

Yaletown Cannabis currently one of two ways of buying weed in Yaletown

Most recently Choom Cannabis (1391 Richards St.) have opened a new Downtown location on the edge of Yaletown where Richards and Pacific meet. Their deals as obviously identical to their Olympic Village dispensary but the location is much smaller. I have visited the location twice and both times they only 3.5g of their good weed which is a little disappointing but perhaps their just selling out fast.

Choom Cannabis has now opened a new dispensary in Yaletown | Buying weed in Yaletown

One Yaletown dispensary that is coming soon is Dutch Love (formally Hobo Cannabis) chain who are opening a long awaited store on this side of Downtown. No firm date on their opening yet but we will keep you posted as soon as they announce something.

Of course if you have some time and don’t mind waiting 48 hours, you can get 2 ounces of Zombie OG and Cactus Breath from Shamrock Cannabis for $165 after tax with a discount which is hard to beat by an Yaletown weed store.

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