An amateur Stoner’s guide to the Volcano Classic | Volcano Vaporizer Review [2021]

Volcano Vaporizer review 2021

Naturally I like to get stoned quite often. Who would have thought! I used to be a joints and bong guy until I relaized that if I wanted to smoke weed for the rest of my life, I needed to find the healthiest way possible to get stoned.

So I did some research and discovered the Arizer Air vape and quickly fell in love with vaping weed. I liked the Arier but found I couldn’t get super stoned from it so I started looking for the best vapes to smoke weed. Eventually I moved on to the Pax 2 (which I would highly recommend) which replaced the majority of my joint smoking but I still needed a replacement for my bong.

After being incessantly recommended the Volcano Vaporizer by my stoner friends I eventually bit the bullet and bought the Classic. My friends recommended the Classic over the Hybrid as it was the cheapest option and works pretty much the same.

When I was looking to buy the Volcano in Canada, I check out my local pot shops and did a ton of research online and I eventually paid $550. Here is the lowest price I found in Canada (here is the cheapest Volcano price in the U.S.) so far but let me know below if you’ve seen cheaper. [More prices blow]

I was quite daunted when I first unpacked it as it looked super complicated but I needn’t have worried. It is the single easiest way to get stoned I’ve ever experienced. You just grind up the herd, pop it in the chamber and the on the Volcano and flick the switch. Wait 4-5 minutes, fill your bag and you are away. It’s super simple. Honestly I’m probably not explains it well! It really needs to be tried to be understood fully.

It’s so satisfying to smoke or vape too! That is the biggest problem I’ve had with vaprizers. Compared to joints and bongs they’re not satisfying to inhale/exhale but not this machine. It produces a huge amount of vapor.

PROS: Easy to use, Very easy to keep clean, healthiest way to smoke weed, satisfying to use, Very well made, durable,

CONS: Expensive, Not portable, not customizable (if you care about that) Bag could be target by cat!

Long story short, this is definitely the best weed related purchase I have ever met. I get insanely high from a full bag. Even better than any bong and it’s so clean, tidy and simple to use. If you are a regular cannabis user but slightly amateur or just a plain lazy stoner like me then the Volcano is the best thing you will ever buy. Cannot recommend it enough. In short I was looking for the healthiest way to smoke weed.

Simply put the Volcano Vaporizer is the best way to smoke weed. If you have the money there is no better investment in weed you could make whether you are in Canada, the U.S. or elsewhere.

The Volcano Hybrid looks to something even more special with this long tube that comes with it, see here.

If you’re looking for the best volcano deals in Canada see here.

The best prices on Volcano I’ve found.

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Best price for Volcano Hybrid in Canada

Best price for Volcano Classic in Canada


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