You can now buy 3 joints of government weed in downtown Vancouver for $13
You can now buy 3 joints of government weed in downtown Vancouver for $13

I don’t know about you, but $13 (excluding tax) for 3 joints of government issued cannabis is something I didn’t expect to see in 2020 in BC.

I remember back in the glory days of 2016 when you could buy $3 joints in Dub Dispensary and later when that closed down, $2 joints in Farm Dispensary.

But since the legalization of marijuana in Canada, all of these amazing Vancouver pot shops have been forced to close down leaving a small handful of generally overpriced government weed stores.

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That was until a few days ago when I popped into Hobo Cannabis on Robson St. To my pleasant surprise they were selling 3 x 0.5g pre-rolls of 19% THC weed for $$$. (NAME THE BRAND OF WEED)

But by far the best deal I found was the same sized pre-rolls with a respectable 14% THC for just $13 for 3! These same 3 joints were $20 down the street in City Cannabis…

I took a few pictures of the deals in both so you can see for yourself. There were some larger single joints which were obviously more expensive as well as some higher THC 3-packs for around $20.

Of course if you’re not in a rush and can wait until tomorrow, Shamrock Cannabis sells AAA ounces for $120 with an additional 15% for first time purchases. Take a look at their latest deals here.

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