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Where to buy weed in Vancouver during Coronavirus? (What stores are still open and where to buy online?)

Where to buy weed in Vancouver during Coronavirus_ (What stores are still open and where to buy online)
Where to buy weed in Vancouver during Coronavirus_ (What stores are still open and where to buy online)

Two weeks into the Coronavirus lockdown in Vancouver and it’s getting harder and harder to get weed. Most online stores have long waits (as many as 5 days and some nearly 2 weeks). Also arguably the best dispensary in the city, The Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary Thurlow has shut its doors until further notice. So where is there to buy weed in Vancouver during Coronavirus? Well we’ve called every single dispensary in the city and listed ever dispensary currently open during Coronavirus. We’ve also found the best online stores for buying weed in Vancouver.

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Where to buy weed in Downtown Vancouver during Coronavirus?

As of March 23rd only two dispensaries are still open in Downtown Vancouver. Both are on Robson street. One is Hobo Cannabis near Bute St. and the other is City Cannabis beside Granville. Both have slightly reduced hours and only allow a limited number of people in store at any one time.

I haven’t visited City Cannabis in a while as their government weed was unfortunately over-priced, however Hobo sells 3 joints for $15 before tax (about $18 after) and the 3 joints are a pretty good size for the price. The joints are hash and have a really nice high. I have had bought other deals on joints but found the j’s way to small. My advice would be to stick to the hash joints for the best bang for your buck.

If you don’t need your weed right now, there are a few online Vancouver dispensaries that can deliver quickly…

Where to buy weed online in Vancouver:

One of the best weed delivery services in Canada is Cannibismo. Even during the Coronavirus they are still delivery weed in 2 days to anywhere in Metro Vancouver. They are doing deals right now on ounces of their AAA hybrid for $160 (usually $220). They also do mix-and-match weed deals where you can choose your discount, from free joints, shatter, vapes or just weed. It’s pretty fun and a great way to try out a bunch of weed products.

Of all the online dispensaries I’ve used since legalization, by far the best bang for your buck is Shamrock Cannabis. It has probably some of the cheapest weed in Vancouver. You can get one ounce for $120 after tax of high quality strains like Bubba Kush, Nuken, Lemon Kush, etc. Add this discount and you get an extra 15% off your first order. I also purchased an ounce of Master Kush which was an awesome high and still only $180. So for $300 you can get 2 ounces of pretty great weed. Not too bad right?

Although The Medical Cannabis Dispensary on Thurlow is closed due to Covid-19 they are still delivering both locally and further afield. People looking for mail order weed can go to CannabisDispensary.ca and will get free shipping with the offer code SAFE20. (Note: I make no commission from suggesting these offer codes. It’s just what’s written on their flyer.) Note: Fast420.com is no longer fulfilling orders until further notice.

There are tons more online dispensaries that are delivering weed across Vancouver during Covid-19, too many to list but these are the two best we’ve reviewed so far. Will be adding more soon.

Where to buy weed in Kitsilano and other Vancouver neighbourhoods:


Better Living Society otherwise known as CannaClinic are still open despite being one of the few dispensaries to not stock government pot. Hopefully they will remain open for the foreseeable future. A joint there is $6 for sativa, indica and hybrids. Located on 4th just off Burrard St.

Just off Granville St. and 14th Avenue is the newly opened dispensary Muse. It’s a stylish and modern dispensary in a similar mode to Hobo or Kiaro. Their offerings and prices are also in line with the new government approved cannabis dispensaries in Vancouver. One thing I would recommend was their 1g Jean Guy joint. 25% THC for about $12 after tax. A bit steep but a hell of good high.

Another dispensary on 4th that remains open as of March 26th is BuddaBarn 2179 West 4th Avenue. However given the current circumstances all orders must be placed online first and then they will tell you when it is ready and you can collect. Check out their website for more info.

Evergreen Dispensary, also on 4th Ave near McDonald, is another dispensary that remains open during Covid-19. We haven’t visited personally but according to others it is still operating with the same pickup system as others.

Hobo Dispensary also has another location in Kits on 4th Ave near Burrard. Their weed deals are the same as above.


Kiaro Recreational Cannabis store is technically on Kingsway and 23rd but is close enough to Main St. to be included here. This is a modern, stylish dispensary that sells your standard government joints. The rollies I purchased were really small for the price but this is still a nice dispensary if you’re in the area.

There is also a Hobo store on Main, 4296 Main Street to be exact, that has the same hours as mentioned above.


As of March 26th KushKlub near 1st Ave and Commercial remains fully open but they are encouraging as much social distancing as possible by offering customers a 15% discount when they pre-order online.


A couple of blocks from Boundary in East Van is OG Canna which calls itself a “tea store” on its website but we can assure you they sell weed and according to locals is still open.


  • Canapa Sky 211 — East 16th Ave
  • City Cannabis Co. — 2317 Cambie St
  • City Cannabis Co. — 651 Robson St
  • City Cannabis Co. — 7289 Fraser St
  • Eggs Canna — 208 East 16th Ave
  • Eggs Canna — 2406 East Hastings St
  • Evergreen Cannabis Co. — 2868 West 4th Ave
  • Hobo — 8425 Granville St
  • Hobo — 4296 Main St
  • Hobo — 1952 West 4th Ave
  • Hobo — 1173 Robson St
  • Kiaro — 1316 Kingsway
  • KushKlub — 1735 Commercial Dr
  • La Canapa Boutique — 3432 Dunbar St
  • Muse Cannabis Store — 3039 Granville St
  • THC Canada — 6416 Main St
  • UEM Cannabis — 1605 Renfrew St
  • Village Bloomery — 1540 West 2nd Ave
  • WestCanna — 700 West Broadway

More dispensaries will be added as soon as they open so follow us on Facebook for more and let us know of any dispensaries that you know of. Cheers!

Looking for Seth Rogen’s weed in Vancouver? See here.

To Celebrate 420 Vancouver 2020, Everyone Should Smoke On Their Balconies at 4:20pm

To Celebrate 420 Vancouver 2020, Everyone Should Smoke On Their Balconies at 4:20pm
To Celebrate 420 Vancouver 2020, Everyone Should Smoke On Their Balconies at 4:20pm

Of course there are more serious problems in Vancouver during the CoronaVirus crisis, like where to buy weed, but Vancouver 420 will obviously be a lot different this year.

After all what is 420 Vancouver without a huge smokeout amongst 100,000 people on Sunset beach or down at the Art Gallery. Last year’s 420 festival was probably the most epic yet with Cypress Hill performing live at 4:20 in what was a record attendance for the meetup.

But this year will be very different and it needs to be.

Some will people will still probably try to meet up on April 20th, stupidly, to celebrate 420 and pass a blunt but PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not meet up with your friends. Stay safe, stay home.

One of the nicest traditions to have emerged from the Coronavirus outbreak in Vancouver has been the nightly applause for Vancouver’s nurses, doctors and frontline staff working to keep us all safe.

Sooooo why not spark up at 4:20pm on balconies all across the city of Vancouver to celebrate 420 in style? Obviously some buildings will be banning smoke but maybe you can vape, take edibles or figure out another alternative.

Hopefully by Cannabis Day on July 1st we can all meet up for a belated 420 celebration when it is safe to do so. Stay safe! Smoke up!

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Where To Buy Seth Rogen’s Weed In Vancouver. [The Only Place To Get Houseplant in Vancouver]

Where To Buy Seth Rogen's Weed In Vancouver. [The Only Place To Get Houseplant in Vancouver]
Where To Buy Seth Rogen's Weed In Vancouver. [The Only Place To Get Houseplant in Vancouver]

Currently, as of July 2019 the only places to buy Seth Rogen’s weed in Vancouver are the 2 City Cannabis Co. dispensaries at 610 Robson St and 7291 Fraser St. A link to their addresses on Google maps is here so that is the only way to get any Houseplant in Vancouver today.

However if you don’t mind waiting a few days the only other way to buy some is to go to the official BC Cannabis Stores website where you can buy Houseplant 3 different strains. For a full list of all dispensaries in BC that sell Houseplant, click here.

If you are just looking to buy ANY weed in Vancouver right now, check out our up-to-date list here.

CHEMDAWG is Houseplant’s Sativa strain and is grown by the biggest marijuana company in the world, Canopy Growth Corporation. This is a fairly expensive strain costing $39.99 for 3.5g but the THC content is estimated at between 19-21%. This strain is described as a “high-THC strain… with a robust, earthy, spicy aroma”.

Similar to the sativa strain, Houseplant’s Indica strain is priced at $39.99 (3.5g minimum) and is called PROPRIETARY. The THC count varies more significantly with this strain, ranging from 15-25%. The CBD count is quite low with this strain at less than 1%.

Lastly the hybrid train from Houseplant is also called PROPRIETARY for some reason! The price is exactly the same but the THC count has a slightly lower range at between 10-20%.

What is Houseplant?

Houseplant is a Canadian weed company founded by Superbad creator’s and Vancouver locals Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. The company is also owned by the Canopy Growth Corporation and has been for sale in Canada since April 2019. The sell dried flower cannabis, capsules and pre-rolled joints although not all are currently available online or in store.

Note: The potencies listed above are estimates from the BC Cannabis Stores’ website.

Keep checking back on this page to find out where the latest place to buy Seth Rogen’s weed in Vancouver is.

Where To Buy Weed In Downtown Vancouver Right Now [The ONLY 2 Places]

How To Buy Weed In Vancouver in 2019
How To Buy Weed In Vancouver in 2019

Looking to buy weed in Downtown Vancouver? Wondering where the hell all the dispensaries disappeared to? Well we’ve got you covered….

If you are new to Vancouver and looking for legal weed or just brand new to smoking weed, then the first place you’ll need to start is how to buy weed in Vancouver. Although Canada legalized weed recreationally in October, 2018 it has actually become harder and harder to buy weed in Vancouver. This is due to many of the previously unlicensed marijuana dispensaries being forced to close down. This has left Vancouver with just 3 legal marijuana dispensaries currently in operation in Downtown Vancouver. The only other way to legally buy weed in Vancouver is online and you can get $120 ounces of premium BC Bud from Shamrock Cannabis. They even give 15% off first time orders.

But if want to buy weed in Downtown Vancouver right now…

As of July 2019, there are currently only 3 dispensaries operating in Downtown Vancouver. City Cannabis Co on Robson Street near Granville St is the most centrally located and does not require membership but is very expensive compared to other options.

Farm Cannabis in the Downtown EastSide (369 Columbia St) is the second place to buy weed in Vancouver and is easily the best dispensary currently in operation in Vancouver. Their staff are very nice, helpful and friendly, they have a huge variety of products and their very reasonably priced. [CLOSED: As of August 25th Farm Cannabis has been temporarily shut down pending a license from the BC government.]

Buy Weed In Downtown Vancouver Right Now
Buy Weed In Downtown Vancouver Right Now

UPDATE: Due to Covid-19 The Medical Cannabis Dispensary is closed until further notice. You can still order online. For more info see here. The last option for legal dispensaries in Vancouver is The Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary located at 1182 Thurlow St. This dispensary used to be a members-only medical cannabis dispensary but now is open to anyone with a valid I.D. or membership. I just visited this dispensary and while there was a long line the offered a very good selection and decent prices. I purchased 3.5g of Girl Scout Cookies for $28. Also they have $5 joints for sale that are quite good. Overall this is currently the best dispensary in Downtown Vancouver.

Note: If you want to weed weed in Vancouver all dispensaries in BC require ID to prove you are over the age of 19.

This video below is a great place to help get you started. Stoned In Vancouver is in no way affiliated with this video which comes from Guide To Vancouver. It gives a really good overview of how to buy weed in Vancouver in 2019 so honestly we can’t improve on it so check it out!

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